Based on the iconic interjection in the English language, the logo was designed like a comic “text balloon” to give it a more approachable character, and counter the possible negative connotation the interjection might have.

During it’s 9 year life span, I’ve designed most artwork in it’s last 5 years. While the event grew and moved from the small to bigger venues, it demanded more and specialised artwork.

To give a more recognisable character over the wider span of artwork, I designed and developed a custom typeface.

Sonic Boom

The logo incorporates a graphical representation of an object traveling trough air faster than the speed of sound, and the name of the phenomena itself: The “sonic boom”.

Century is chosen as the typeface since it is comprised of characters made out of clear forms, which in turn emphasises the systematic forms used in the artwork.

These systematic forms used in the artwork always try to represent the sinoid and cyclical nature of sound in a graphical way.

Restaurant: Meneer De Wit Heeft Honger

The Chef and owner wanted the logo to be the ingredient that he offers as a bite to new customers; Pimentos de Padron. The Padron pepper might be Spanish in origin, the roots of his kitchen lay in Morocco, with the Berber tribes to be specific.

I wanted to design a pattern somewhat reminiscent to the intricate Alhambra tiles you can find trough all trough the Mediterranean, while using the colours of the national Berber flag; Blue, Yellow and Green.

The use of a grotesque typeface lays in the origins of the cultural centre “Meneer De Wit” where the restaurant is a part of.

Two For Joy Coffee Roasters

Two For Joy is a local Amsterdam coffee roaster that asked me to redesign their packaging. I wanted to emphasise the broad ways the coffee beans could be used to brew different beverages of coffee.

I chose to make this apparent by designing a simplified table with icons standing in for the beverages; Chemex, Aeropress, Drip, Stofetop, French Press and Espresso.